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I have this listener who listens in this php function

public function notification_query(){

$data['company_id'] = $this->session->userdata('companyId');

echo "data: ".json_encode($data['chikito'])."\n\n";
sleep(1); }

and if the server has an event, it will pass automatically to the client side script function.

var es = new EventSource("<?php echo base_url(); ?>admin/notification_query");

 var listener = function (data)
    var data = data.data;
      $.each(data, function(index, val) {  


  es.addEventListener("message", listener);

now the problem is, why can't the $.each in jquery can't read the data pass from the server? It didn't print. I have no idea why.

By the way, if I use $("#notification").append(data); It will print the data that is pass.

thanks in advance for those who answers.

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Because data is not an object. It's a string. var data = $.parseJSON(data).data; ? –  dfsq Feb 14 at 14:41
now I know, thanks for the help –  user3302093 Feb 14 at 14:43
Can you post the sample data struct? –  LShetty Feb 14 at 14:43
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The JSON.stringify() method converts a value to JSON.

var data = JSON.stringify(data).data;

JSON.stringify({});                  // '{}'
JSON.stringify(true);                // 'true'
JSON.stringify("foo");               // '"foo"'
JSON.stringify([1, "false", false]); // '[1,"false",false]'
JSON.stringify({ x: 5 });            // '{"x":5}'
JSON.stringify({x: 5, y: 6});        // '{"x":5,"y":6}' or '{"y":6,"x":5}'
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maybe this will help –  Netzach Feb 14 at 15:27
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