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I'm quite new to web programming and start to play with Django. I used default tutorial, and some other examples and everything was ok. However, right now I face the following problem: I created a prototype in Axure and wanted to integrate it with my existing project. Using Axure I generated html/css files and in Django created a "home" app. The problem is that when I put Axure's output in template/home folder, it's able to load the default home.html, but misses images and css files.

My home app structure is like this:










<div id="u0" class="ax_h1">
    <img id="u0_img" class="img " src=""/>
    <img id="u0_img" class="img " src="resources/images/transparent.gif"/>
    <!-- Unnamed () -->
    <div id="u1" class="text">
      <p><span>Some text </span></p>

it's able to resolve this path inside Pycharm(doesn't give any error). If I go to the folder itself and run home.html everything is fine. But if I run the whole project and o to the home page, it seems like it cannot find the path to the file.. Shows icons, but without actual images.

Could someone help?

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You need to set up your static files properly.

Make sure django.contrib.staticfiles is in your INSTALLED_APPS

Add STATIC_URL = '/static/' (or whatever you want the static url to be) to your settings.py

Place static files in a folder called static in your app


Then, you can use

<div id="u0" class="ax_h1">
    <img id="u0_img" class="img " src=""/>
    <img id="u0_img" class="img " src="{{ STATIC_URL }}images/transparent.gif"/>
    <!-- Unnamed () -->
    <div id="u1" class="text">
      <p><span>Some text </span></p>
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Hi Ngenator, thank you for your response! –  user3310881 Feb 15 at 8:53
I do have django.contrib.staticfiles in my INSTALLED_APPS, and STATIC_URL = '/static/' set in settings.py. 1) I tried your solution, by putting {{ STATIC_URL }} to several links but it didn't work(I copied all the files, of course). However, adding "static/" like src="static/images/transparent.gif" works. I don't understand why {{ STATIC_URL}} doesn't, as I don't want to hardcode all the links. Any clue? –  user3310881 Feb 15 at 9:07
2) Is there any way to create let's say another HOME_URL = '/templates/home/' to point to the files with {{HOME_URL}}? I tried this, but no result. The thing is that I already have a lot of html/css/js files created and I didn't want to go through all of them, to change the paths. Thank you in advance! –  user3310881 Feb 15 at 9:07
I also use this STATICFILES_FINDERS = ( 'django.contrib.staticfiles.finders.AppDirectoriesFinder', 'django.contrib.staticfiles.finders.FileSystemFinder', ) –  user3310881 Feb 15 at 9:41

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