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I have several versions of Python installed. In the environment variables, i have two paths to site-packages folders.

In the cmd, I would like to do

python setup.py build 

with one given version of Python, say the version at D:\Python333\lib\site-packages. But it keeps calling the wrong Python version, at, say, C:\Python27\lib\site-packages.

How can i have setup launched by the version of Python i wish ?

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You call setup.py with the Python version you want to install, e.g.

sudo python2.5 setup.py install
sudo python2.7 setup.py install
sudo python3.3 setup.py install

If your Python installation is somewhere else (e.g. because of virtualenv) make sure to activate the virtualenv first.

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thanks. in fact, the setup.py is to use cython to compile .pyx files. i have to compile with a very precise version of cython in some folder. i would like to indicate which folder it is –  octoback Feb 14 at 16:53
Can you create a virtualenv for your cython installation? –  Krumelur Feb 14 at 16:55
i am compiling a library inside a huge collaborative project. i have to use one given python version, which is linked in the solution of this project. when i call in cmd, by default this is another version of python that is called, in another file location, and with no cython inside. what can i do ? –  octoback Feb 14 at 20:04
You need to at least set up the environment before running setup.py, at the very least making sure cython is in your PATH. –  Krumelur Feb 16 at 9:13

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