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Our teamcity server uses Windows OS, so build process checkouts git source to agent Macs, and so build result package (*.ipa package) remains on agent. How to send this *.ipa build package to teamcity server, so it would appear as artifact?

At first, I have assumed teamcity should grab build result - ipa package by itself, so I'v added "OurProject/build/ipa/*.ipa" in "Artifact paths" settings in General settings of build configuration, but no artifacts appear under build result in teamcity website. Probably missing something obvious here :)

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Artifact pattern like:


should publish all these files. See also: http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD8/Configuring+General+Settings#ConfiguringGeneralSettings-artifactPaths

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By default teamcity searches for artifacts inside workDir/yourCheckoutedSourceDir. My build dir is located at the root of teamcity folder on agent side and I'm using BUILD_DIR environment variable in custom scripts to set where build result should be saved. So and I'v used this environment variable in custom scripts using this format:


My problem was teamcity does not recognize such format when using inside artifact paths field, so you need to use this format instead:


If build dir is set to outside of checkout dir then the other solution would be to use relative paths like ../../Builds, but the first solution is more clearer in case the name of build dir would change.

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