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I need to add edge style for the text inside a UITextView. There are constants definitions in iOS. For example (see below):

typedef CF_ENUM(CFIndex, MACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyle) {
kMACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyleUndefined      = 0,
kMACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyleNone           = 1,
kMACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyleRaised         = 2,
kMACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyleDepressed      = 3,
kMACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyleUniform        = 4,
kMACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyleDropShadow     = 5,
} CF_ENUM_AVAILABLE(10_9, 7_0);

But I did not found and way I can apply it to my text. Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks a lot!

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