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Plone 4.3 is installed at c:\Plone43 directory with the site.zcml located in c:\Plone43\parts\instance\etc\site.zcml

All I want to do is setup a directory where I can put some images or resources and be able to access them using a URL like http://wiki.mycompany.net:8080/++resources++PROJECTNAME/images/someimage.png

I have activated the plone.resource 1.0.2 but have no idea where to put any images now or how to configure it. I have heard people talking about zcml but I have no idea what zcml file they are talking about.

I added the line in the site.zcml and then the plone site would not come up so I had to remove it.

Can someone please help me configure a static resource folder please? I am ok to configure a global one directly in the site.zcml if its possible.

Current site.zcml looks like this:


<include package="Products.Five" />
<meta:redefinePermission from="zope2.Public" to="zope.Public" />

<!-- Load the meta -->
<include files="package-includes/*-meta.zcml" />
<five:loadProducts file="meta.zcml"/>

<!-- Load the configuration -->
<include files="package-includes/*-configure.zcml" />
<five:loadProducts />

<!-- Load the configuration overrides-->
<includeOverrides files="package-includes/*-overrides.zcml" />
<five:loadProductsOverrides />

  component="AccessControl.security.SecurityPolicy" />

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There is an idiomatic assumption Plone people make: any customizations or integrations you do are done in add-on packages. My answer below should provide some direction toward creating an add-on for the sole purpose of including static resources. –  sdupton Feb 14 '14 at 21:06

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Forget about site.zcml; just create an small add-on package that has (1) a directory for your static resources, (2) a configure.zcml file using a browser:resourceDirectory declaration. Put your add-on in source control somewhere.

Your package should set up the following structure (assumes UNIX, you can easily translate this to Windows equivalents as you see fit, rename package appropriately):

~/my-buildout $ cd src
~/my-buildout/src $ mkdir -p myorg.packagename/myorg/packagename/static
~/my-buildout/src $ cd myorg.packagename
~/my-buildout/src/myorg.packagename $ vim setup.py  # edit as needed
...  # see http://docs.python.org/2/distutils/setupscript.html
~/my-buildout/src/myorg.packagename $ vim myorg/__init__.py

Make your namespace package work (in myorg/__init__.py):

except ImportError:
    from pkgutil import extend_path
    __path__ = extend_path(__path__, __name__)

Other boilerplate:

~/my-buildout/src/myorg.packagename $ echo "#" > myorg/packagename/__init__.py
~/my-buildout/src/myorg.packagename $ vim myorg/packagename/configure.zcml

Your configure.zcml should look like:




Installing add-ons is well-documented for Plone, so I am omitting description of that.

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