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I am trying to define some equality predicates but I misunderstand something about variables and constants. I did not get why it implies that foo == bar !

Agent  = DeclareSort('Agent')

Data =  Datatype('Data')

Data.declare('data', ('subject', Agent))

Data = Data.create()

equal_Data = Function('equal_Data', Data, Data, BoolSort())

f = Function('f', Agent, Data,  BoolSort())

equal = Function('equal',  BoolSort(),  BoolSort(),  BoolSort())

D, D1  = Consts('D D1', Data)

X, X1 = Consts('X X1', Agent)

foo, bar = Consts('foo bar', Agent)

s = Solver()

s.add(ForAll([X,X1], equal_Data(Data.data(X), Data.data(X1)) == (X==X1))) #sat

s.add(ForAll([X,X1,D,D1], equal(f(X,D), f(X1,D1)) == And(equal_Data(D,D1), (X==X1)))) #sat

s.add(foo!=bar) # unsat


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