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I'm working with a git repository using git-svn. Everything went fine until the day the maintainers of the svn repository decided to move the repository to a different URL.

How can I tell my git-svn client to fetch from the new svn repository?

I've changes the svn URL in the svn-remote of .git/config but now I get the following error:

svn-remote.svn.url already set: https://old.svn.repo
wanted to set to: https://new.svn.repo
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There may be trouble...since git-svn embeds the SVN url into each commit message. Hopefully that isn't a problem as well. You may need to rewrite your entire history to change all of the commit messages (using git filter-branch). But that could cause trouble if you've pushed anywhere else outside of back to SVN.

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I probably have to rewrite the history. Since I want to reorganize other things as well I'll just make fresh svn clone. –  Fabian Jakobs Feb 3 '10 at 9:18

You might also need to change the .git/svn/.metadata file.

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This doesn't seem to be enough. I'm still not able to fetch. –  Fabian Jakobs Feb 3 '10 at 9:15

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