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I tried to create a simple 3D projection application that could be given a list of points and it would draw them on a plane. Y is the depth and X and Z translate directly to the X and Y coordinates on the 2D plane. Then I want to multiply the planar coordinates by a specific value that would be computed from the Y 3D coordinate, so if the coefficient is 0, the point is always in the center, and if the coefficient is 1, the points stay at the same position. So I would like a function that

  1. has domain from −∞ to ∞ or from 0 to ∞,
  2. is decreasing from ∞ to 0,
  3. its function value at 0 is 1.

All functions I tried so far are decreasing too quickly, thus the objects appear longer with higher Y. I am currently using 1.03^-y.

I have little knowledge about matrices, so please take that into account.

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