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I have some code that was working against PostSharp 2.x and isn't working anymore. The goal is to scan the dll's at runtime to locate types that were modified by AspectImLookingFor. The AspectImLookingFor has a StaticPropertyINeedToRead. It doesn't seem to work anymore in 3.x

foreach (var sourceAssembly in sourceAssemblies)
    var resourceName = typeof(BinaryAspectSerializer).FullName + ".bin";
    if (!sourceAssembly.IsDynamic && sourceAssembly.GetManifestResourceNames().Contains(resourceName))
        var aspects = new BinaryAspectSerializer().Deserialize(sourceAssembly, typeof(BinaryAspectSerializer).FullName + ".bin", new EmptyMetadataDispenser());
        if (aspects != null && aspects.Length > 0)
            var staticPropertyValuesImLookingFor = aspects.OfType<AspectImLookingFor>().Select(aspectImLookingFor => aspectImLookingFor.StaticPropertyINeedToRead).ToList();
            // ... 

Since updating PostSharp, if I look at the sourceAssembly.GetManifestResourceNames(), none of the assemblies contain anything that looks anything like BinaryAspectSerializer.bin. When I ignore the names, and try to deserialize the aspects in a try/catch block, I end up getting nothing but exceptions. I've basically tried something exactly like this with no luck: http://support.sharpcrafters.com/discussions/questions/99-no-subject

I wasn't sure if there's a build property or something I'm missing.

If what I'm trying to do is not doable in 3.x, does anyone know of another way to identify which types a particular aspect was applied to at runtime? I'm using the express edition of PostSharp.

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This is not a PostSharp supported usage scenario so as the PostSharp team we cannot provide support on this. –  Gael Fraiteur Feb 15 at 10:35

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