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please tell me how can i get twitter followers number in jQuery and please give me also demo with full detail

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same like How to do magic with jQuery. –  Tushar Gupta Feb 14 at 19:59
i'm making a widget for blogger that's why i posted this question –  Abdul Rafay Feb 14 at 20:00
is your blog -->rafaysoft ?? –  Tushar Gupta Feb 14 at 20:02
rafaysoft and rafaytutorials both are my blogs –  Abdul Rafay Feb 14 at 20:04
so, you're building a blogger widget, and asking us to do it for you? basically? –  Kevin B Feb 14 at 20:23

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Twitter don't support or recommend performing OAuth directly through Javascript -- it's insecure and puts your application at risk. The only acceptable way to perform it is if you kept all keys and secrets server-side, computed the OAuth signatures and parameters server side, then issued the request client-side from the server-generated OAuth values.

Read Working with javascript in old api not work now and How to get Oath key.

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