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I've seen part of the solution to my issue here, but I'm not sure exactly how to use a tool like omnifaces to replace the following:

<!--[if IEMobile 7]><html class="iem7 oldie" lang="en"><![endif]-->
<!--[if (IE 7)&!(IEMobile)]><html class="ie7 oldie" lang="en"><![endif]-->
<!--[if (IE 8)&!(IEMobile)]><html class="ie8 oldie" lang="en"><![endif]-->
<!--[if (IE 9)&!(IEMobile)]><html class="ie9" lang="en"><![endif]-->
<!--[[if (gt IE 9)|(gt IEMobile 7)]><!--><html lang="en"><!--<![endif]-->

The section that I'm not sure about is the multiple conditions in one tag. Is it as simple as something like:

<o:conditionalComment if="IE 7 && !IEMobile">
    <h:outputText value="&lt;html lang=&quot;en&quot; class=&quot;lt-ie9 lt-ie8 lt-ie7&quot;&gt;" escape="false" />
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