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Many apologies if this has been answered but I've searched for a week to get this right and to no avail. I'm trying to create a batch file that looks in a folder for a specific file ext (there will only ever be one), assigns the name of that file to a variable, and then renames the file based on the variable name to a new name.

What I have so far:

for /F %%x in ('dir /b *.html') do set "FileName=%%x"
echo %FileName%
ren %FileName% test.html

Because each filename is going to have spaces in it, this solution will only assign the first word of the filename to %FileName% and thus the rename line will not work because it won't find a filename in the folder with <<FirstWordofFilename>>.html

My question is, how do I assign a name with spaces in it to a variable?

Again, apologies if this has been answered, I really couldn't find it anywhere despite it having to be a common problem.

Any help would be wonderful.


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It seems you could easily do what you need simply with for %%x in (*.html) do set filename=%%x. For the rename, just put it in quotes: ren "%filename%" test.html. –  Jon Feb 14 '14 at 23:43

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for /F "delims=" %%x in ('dir /b *.html') do set "FileName=%%x"
echo "%FileName%"
ren "%FileName%" "test.html"


for /?

from the prompt for more info.

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That worked! Thanks so much! –  user3311868 Feb 16 '14 at 0:30

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