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In my Gmail contextual gadget, I can obtain the "From" address, but not the "To" address(es).

Here are my extractors from the manifest file:

<Extension id="ex1" type="contextExtractor">
    <Name>Email Recipient</Name>
    <Param name="to_email" value=".*"/>
    <Triggers ref="MyGadget"/>
    <Scope ref="recipientToScope"/>
    <Container name="mail"/>

<Extension id="ex2" type="contextExtractor">
    <Name>Email Sender</Name>
    <Param name="sender_email" value=".*"/>
    <Triggers ref="MyGadget"/>
    <Scope ref="senderScope"/>
    <Container name="mail"/>

And my scopes:

<Scope id="recipientToScope">
    <Reason>Extracts the To address of each email</Reason>

<Scope id="senderScope">
    <Reason>Extracts the From address of each email</Reason>

In my Gmail gadget spec file I am using type="url" for the gadget display:

<Content type="url" href="" view="card" />

My extractors look like this:

<Require feature="google.contentmatch">
    <Param name="extractors">,

The gadget iframe shows this as the source:

The last line (decoded) is this:


So has access to that value. But it never shows the recipient's ("To") email address there.

Anyone come across this before, and have any tips?

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I think I solved it.


<Param name="to_email" value=".*"/>

... has to be:

<Param name="recipient_to_email" value=".*"/>

Now I am getting BOTH the "To" and "From" emails sent to my remote script through the iFrame source URL.

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