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I am call a function right at the beginning of my document, which has an array of elements, that don't exists yet (because the page hasn't loaded) like so:

myElements([document.body, document.getElementById('foo'), document.getElementById('bar')]); 

Then I have a function that adds all elements of the array to another array for later use (to make thing easier I'm going to use global variables in this example):

function myElements(elements){

window.list = elements;


The problem I'm having, is that window.list is empty, because the elements don't exist in the DOM yet. JavaScript returns null for each one. I can't wrap the functions in window.onload either, because I need them before the page has loaded. Is there a way to save non-existing element references other then by ID, class, etc.?


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I'm not sure I understand the question. Do you just want to save an array of ids and classes for later use? e.g. var ref = ['#foo', '.bar', '#one', '.two'] –  Ryan Feb 14 at 22:39
Wait - you need references to elements that are not yet loaded? I feel like that's impossible. –  linstantnoodles Feb 14 at 22:42
No. I don't want to use classes and ids. I want to save the direct element reference. The problem is however, that there seems to be no way to do so before the window has loaded. –  Ood Feb 14 at 22:42
@linstantnoodles Exactly. I hope not... –  Ood Feb 14 at 22:43
Put the script just before </body> then. –  Ja͢ck Feb 14 at 22:43

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If you put your script just before </body> you have access to the elements before the onLoad event is fired, i.e.:

... all your other html here ...


Alternatively, wait for the the DOMContentLoaded event.

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Unfortunately this will also cause trouble with the other functions in the script. –  Ood Feb 14 at 22:46
That's not obvious from your question at all and without knowing how it causes trouble I can't help you further I'm afraid. –  Ja͢ck Feb 14 at 22:47
OK, thanks anyway. I'm going to rephrase the question and repost it. –  Ood Feb 15 at 13:00

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