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I'm writing C89 on MSFT Visual Studio 2010 Beta. How can I make an assertion, similar to Java's assert keyword? I think I need to define a macro, but I'm not sure how. (It seems like this is something that's been done before, so I'd rather use that than try to roll my own.)

Here's a guess:

int assert(int truth_value) {
   // crash the program with an appropriate error message   
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C89 has <assert.h>, which contains the macro you're looking for.

#include <assert.h>

From the documentation:

The assert() macro tests the given expression and if it is false, the calling process is terminated. A diagnostic message is written to stderr and the abort(3) function is called, effectively terminating the program.

If expression is true, the assert() macro does nothing.

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Yup. The thing to remember is that assert() is usually disabled for production runs, so it's important to make sure expression has no effects other than returning a true or false value. –  David Thornley Feb 1 '10 at 18:58
Yeah, you can disable assert() by defining NDEBUG. –  Carl Norum Feb 1 '10 at 22:31

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