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Does anyone know what the study of old software is referred to as? I thought the obvious answer was 'Software archaeology'. But wikipedia gives the definition of Software archaeology as 'the study of poorly documented or undocumented legacy software implementations, as part of software maintenance.' This is not strictly the term I need.

I would like to research old software, and finding papers around this area would be simpler if I knew what it was called.

Thank you for the answer trm, but a quick search shows that 'software anthropology' has been widely used as a term for study of software engineering in the field. Paper: Software Anthropology: Performing Field Studies in Software Companies

EDIT: It would seem that the answer to this question falls under the auspices of the wider field of the 'history of computing' and specifically the 'archival of software as historical significance'. John A. N. Lee, writing in the IEEE Annals of Computing, Vol. 18, No 2 1996, states that in the mid 70's the National Museum of American History in partnership with industry, set about a formal study and archival process. More recently the Library of Congress convened to discuss and implement a strategy "preserving software and … source code as cultural, historical and scientific artifacts."

Why am I asking this question? Lee suggests "look to the past to recognize trends that will allow us to predict some elements of the future."

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I don't think there is a specific term for what you want, but then again, your question isn't entirely clear. What is it you're trying to find out about MVC? –  Carey Gregory Feb 14 '14 at 22:59
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Since archaeology is, according to Wikipedia, "the study of human activity in the past, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data that they have left behind", then their definition of software archaeology seems apt.

Continuing the analogy between humans and software, the study of all historical programs, including those that are well documented and/or actively used and developed, should be called something like "software anthropology"

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