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I'm learning AngularJS and I'm stuck on adding new records. I can open and edit/save existing records, but when I open my edit form to create a new record, all the controls are disabled (I can't type in the textboxes or select a value from a DDL). Here is my code:


<script id="ModelList.html" type="text/ng-template">
                <th><a href="#/SaveModel/0/New">New Rate</a></th>
                <th>Record ID</th>
                <th>Company ID</th>
        <tr ng-repeat="m in models">
            <td><a href="#/SaveModel/{{m.Rid }}/{{m.StateCode }}" ng-click="select(m)">Edit</a></td>
            <td><span ng-bind="m.Rid"></span></td>
            <td><span ng-bind="m.CompanyId"></span></td>
            <td><span ng-bind="m.Rate"></span></td>         
<script id="ModelSave.html" type="text/ng-template">
    <form name="myForm">
            <label>Company ID</label>
            <select name="CompanyId" ng-model="model.CompanyId">    
                <option value="101">101</option>
                <option value="102">102</option>
                <option value="103">103</option>
            <input name="WorkCompRt" ng-model="model.Rate"/>
            <savebutton  text="Save" action="save()"></savebutton>


    .controller("RecordsListController", function ($scope, $routeParams, $location, State, Services) {

    $scope.select = function (item) { State.broadcast(item); };
    $scope.addNew = function() { $scope.models.splice(0,0,{ }); };

    Services.getRecords().success(function (d) {                
        $scope.models = d;

.controller("ViewSaveController", function ($scope, $routeParams, $location, State, Services) {

    $scope.select = function (item) { State.broadcast(item); };
    $scope.addNew = function () { $scope.models.splice(0, 0, {}); };

    Services.getRecord($routeParams.id).success(function (d) {
        $scope.model = d;

.factory("Services", function (Api) {

    this.getRecords = function(){
        return Api.get("AppApi/GetRecords");

    this.getRecord = function (rId) {
        return Api.get("AppApi/GetRecordById?rId=" + rId);

    return this;

So, I'm using the same form for creating and updating records; however, when rId is 0 (new item), the controls on the form are disabled. Any help is appreciated!

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Please provide a JSFiddle or Plunker. Also, read up on factory: you're using it incorrectly here. –  squid314 Feb 14 at 23:02
@squid314 - I'm new to AngularJS and have never user JSFiddle or Plunker. Can you please help me with it? –  Kate Feb 14 at 23:43
Usually I start by going to the AngularJS docs pages, find one of the directives, and click on the "Edit in JSFiddle" links right above the example section. Then copy/paste my HTML and JavaScript in where I need. –  squid314 Feb 15 at 1:25
Kate, where are the <savebutton> and <cancelbutton> directives coming from? It's very possible the code for those directives is what's disabling your inputs. –  Brian Vanderbusch Feb 15 at 4:13

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I found that Services.getRecord($routeParams.id) function prevents me from entering values in the controls. I created a separate controller for Adding a record that is the same as "ViewSaveController", except that I removed Services.getRecord($routeParams.id) function. It fixed the problem.

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