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I have to set the path of the config file in some cpp files which are in different directories. Sometime it`s require that path :


Another time it`s require :


Is it possible to make something like ?:


It`s not working. How to fix it? First of all I have to set "../" to go out from basic directory.


|--+conf (dir)
|  |--conf.cfg
|--+src (dir)
|  |--A.cpp
|  |--X.cpp
|--+test (dir)
|  |--+make (dir)
|  |  |--B.cpp

Code A.cpp and B.cpp are calling X.cpp where the path to config file is e.g. "../conf/conf.cfg" For A.cpp its ok, but B.cpp cant find the "conf" directory.

1) compiling:
g++ ../SourceFiles/DBHandler.cpp ../SourceFiles/ParamServer.cpp ../SourceFiles/Functions.cpp ../SourceFiles/Main.cpp -o main && ./main
2) not compiling because of the wrong paths in DBHandler:
g++ ../../SourceFiles/Functions.cpp ../../SourceFiles/DBHandler.cpp ../DBHandlerTestSuite.cpp -o main && ./main

Problem with DBHandlerTestSuite.cpp there is calling the static method (singleton) from DBHandler. Please note '../' and '../../'.

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"current directory" is regardless of cpp file's path.. after you compile and link, you get an executable file, and the "current directory" is related to where you run the executable file.

For example: you have two file, a.cpp and b.cpp in src/. And you compile they into a.exe, in bin/

|  |--a.cpp
|  |--b.cpp
|  |--a.exe

And I do this to execute a.exe:

cd <some dir>\proj\bin

Then, the current directory is <some dir>\proj\bin.

Um, then, you need to give X.cpp about path. for example:

// X.cpp
void foo(const std::string &confpath)
    std::string conf = confpath + "conf.cfg";

// A.cpp

// B.cpp

Instead of function argument, you can use global variables, or init function, such as InitializeXcpp(const std::string &confpath);. (Of cource, init function should store confpath to X.cpp's static global variables.)

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I edited a little bit the question. –  andrew Feb 15 '14 at 0:46
@andrew It is not a problem; Wherever .cpp is, "current directory" is not changed. Isn't B.cpp compiled with A.cpp and X.cpp? –  ikh Feb 15 '14 at 0:50
@andrew please show me compiled binaries' path... –  ikh Feb 15 '14 at 1:01
Added more info above. –  andrew Feb 15 '14 at 1:12
@andrew (Sorry for too late see..) please see edit –  ikh Feb 15 '14 at 6:37

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