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I'm moving my projects from NUnit to xUnit test framework. We are executing tests in TeamCity via MSBuild task. I would like to exclude tests by categories. In NUnit and Teamcity this is simple.

How would I go about this in xUnit?

Msbuild target looks like this:

  <Target Name="xUnitTests">
    <xunit Assembly="$(SolutionDir)\Tests\bin\Debug\MyApp.Tests.exe" />

Ideally I'd like to add Exclude="Category=database" as an attribute to <xunit> element, but this is not valid.

I quickly looked through xUnit source code and did not find this option for msbuild runner.

Any other alternatives to ignore tests by traits in msbuild runner?

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Use the TraitAttribute in the tests, an Exec task in the msbuild file and the xunit.console.clr4.exe runner with the /-trait "Category=database" argument.

An alternative is not to use msbuild but instead create an extra step in TeamCity where you run the xunit console directly. You can specify the assemblies in an xunit project file. This is the solution I used to employ with TeamCity and XUnit.net. I kept the xunit project file in my solution items folder and manually added the test assemblies to it.

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