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I have a problem when I deployed my app in openshift, I configured jade like this:

self.app.set('views', path.join(__dirname, 'views'));
self.app.set('view engine', 'jade');


    self.app.set('views', process.env.OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR + 'views');
    self.app.set('view engine', 'jade'); 
    self.app.set('view options', { pretty: true });

I download with npm express, jade, etc. In my router i have the next code:

collection.find({estado:"P"}).toArray(function(err, noticias){
                                    res.render('noticias', {
                                        noticias : noticias
                                    }, function(err, html) {
                                        console.log("html:" + html);

But when i access to route, the variable "html" is undefined, then node reply with blank. Initially I haven't third parameter into render function (Anonymous function), but i obteined other error. This code it operating correctly en local node server.

I will need configure any more or any version of modules is not correct?

Express versionn: "version": "3.4.3", Jade version: "version": "0.30.0",


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Add error handler to function(err, noticias) and function(err, html): if(err) console.log(err);. Maybe you can find something. –  bnuhero Feb 15 at 1:15

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