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I'm wrapping up a new site, http://architect.sitesbyjoe.com and I'm using the innerfade plugin on the site's homepage. For some reason, the fading is slow and choppy.

The only other thing JavaScript-wise is the Fancy Zoom, but I've already removed it etc with no change.

Any thoughts? Other posts are pointing to CSS issues....

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+1 Welcome to StackOverflow, @sitesbyjoe. –  Jonathan Sampson Feb 1 '10 at 18:57
Ok, I'm continuing to look into this and I'm now sure it's my screen.css file. More to come. –  sitesbyjoe Feb 1 '10 at 19:55
and thanks, Jonathan. –  sitesbyjoe Feb 1 '10 at 19:57
Just one other word of caution - the IE javascript engine is by far the slowest of the major browsers. This is often why you see bad clientside performance in IE, but not Chrome, FF, Opera, etc. The upside of this I guess is that IE will help identify performance issues very easily since it tends to crap out before FF, etc. lol.. Nice Site btw.. –  KP. Feb 17 '10 at 21:09
You should put your solution in as an answer and accept it as answer so this moves from the unanswered list perhaps? –  Mark Schultheiss Feb 23 '10 at 21:22

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I can't help myself, I still wonder - isn't that innerfade tad overkill? (I noticed you use it only for the landing page, don't you?)

I did the very same with like 20 lines of jQuery code (and it's a bit configurable :) ) - if you're interested, I could post it :)

Also, the animation still feels a bit choppy in Google chrome.

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I opened your main page in FF with firebug extension, enabled the console. It is throwing this error about as fast as it can scroll:

this.GetObj(this.divID) is null https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hcp/html/mTag.js?site=61775231 Line 1

this.GetObj(this.divID) is null https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hcp/html/mTag.js?site=61775231 Line 1

Maybe that function is eating away at your cpu cycles?

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The problem was a combination of floating and absolute positioning. I removed one of the two and things started behaving again!

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