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I'm trying to rename a file through a system() command and I get (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)

This is the line from my code: system("ren" "C:\Users\Mac\Desktop\new folder\03 Elfsong - Shar.mp3 test.mp3");

What is the syntax problem here?

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Don't do this. Use the rename function. –  R.. Feb 15 at 4:22
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ren is a cmd.exe built-in command, it's not a standalone executable, so you'd have to do

system("CMD", "/c ren originalname newname");
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And you may need to put " quotes around the individual names since they contain blanks, and you may have the double the backslashes to `\` so they won't be misinterpreted as escape sequences. –  Phil Perry Feb 15 at 4:09
The answer was escape sequence. Code: system("ren \"C:\Users\Mac\Desktop\New folder\03 Elfsong - Shar.mp3\" \"test.mp3\""); –  user3306325 Feb 15 at 4:20
Thanks a lot guys –  user3306325 Feb 15 at 4:26
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The answer was escape sequence,

The syntax is: system ("ren old_filename new_filename");

But you must use escape sequence because of the white spaces in the name of the file, and for the '\' in the path since only a white space separate between old filename and the new filename.

And also you must contain the old filename in (\"\") to specify it as (old_filename) in the syntax.


system("ren \"C:\Users\Mac\Desktop\New folder\03 Elfsong - Shar.mp3\" \"test.mp3\"");

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