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public int? SizeLength { get; set; }


<TextBox Text="{Binding [someViewModel].SizeLength, Mode=TwoWay}"></TextBox>

Once user try to backspace or delete the value in this textbox, a message Value '' cannot be converted.

May I know what's wrong with it?

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{Binding TargetNullValue=''}
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I tried <TextBox Text="{Binding [someViewModel].SizeLength, Mode=TwoWay,TargetNullValue='0'}"></TextBox> as well as <TextBox Text="{Binding [someViewModel].SizeLength, Mode=TwoWay,TargetNullValue=0}"></TextBox>..Both still throwing the same error –  Mr.SuicideSheep Feb 15 '14 at 7:13
@Mr.SuicideSheep - You need to set it to empty string as mentioned in answer and not to 0. –  Rohit Vats Feb 15 '14 at 7:16

Since the integrated converters from string to single/double/int of WPF are expecting a string to parse they won't default the null value to 0 because you wont always want that behavior, so as it is written in msdn :

Gets or sets the value that is used in the target when the value of the source is null.

you use this to define your default value for null input:

{Binding TargetNullValue=''}

TargetNullValue msdn

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You need to add a reference of mscorlib in your XAML, Nullable or ? in your prop and use TargetNullValue with value "" like Elios said.


public Nullable<int> Prop { get; set; }

{Binding prop, TargetNullValue=''}
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