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I am trying to replace a character in a string using python. I am using a function called find_chr to find the location of the character that needs to be replaced.

def main():
    s='IS GOING GO'

def find_chr(s,char):
    for ch in s:
        if ch==char:
            return (i)
    return -1
def rep_chr(s1,s2,s3):
    return print(s1==s1[0:find_chr(s1,s2)]+s3+s1[(find_chr(s1,s2)+1):])


My problem is that instead of getting the new string, the function is returning 'False'. I would appreciate any pointer to get the replaced string.

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Looks like you changed print(rep_chr(s,x,y)) to (rep_chr(s,x,y))... –  Mr. Polywhirl Feb 15 '14 at 4:33
Why are you not using str.replace? Just trying to recreate it for fun? –  Hugh Bothwell Feb 15 '14 at 5:07

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return print(s1==s1[0:find_chr(s1,s2)]+s3+s1[(find_chr(s1,s2)+1):])


return s1[0:find_chr(s1,s2)]+s3+s1[(find_chr(s1,s2)+1):]

and print the result in your main:

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Thanks a lot. Now,I noticed what I was doing wrong. –  user3260982 Feb 15 '14 at 4:32

The problem is in your print statement inside rep_chr function.


The above statement means is s1 equal to s1[0:find_chr(s1,s2)]+s3+s1[(find_chr(s1,s2)+1):]? which is false and that's why you are getting False as output.

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Thanks for the input It is working now. –  user3260982 Feb 15 '14 at 4:37

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