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I started evaluating PyCharm 3 professional edition because I will be working on several Pyramid + SQLAlchemy projects. One of the things I would really love to have is SQLAlchemy autocomplete.

I'll explain my scenario.

I created a new starter project with the alchemy scaffold, I followed the instructions here http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid_tutorials/en/latest/pycharm/index.html. I also installed the SQLAlchemy package for the interpreter and virtual environment I am using for this project. Also, when I created a new pycharm project for this code, the IDE suggested me to install the pyramid, sqlalchemy and other packages. Of course I accepted the suggestion and let the IDE install all of those packages.

In the models.py file, the DBSession is declared as follows:

DBSession = scoped_session(sessionmaker(extension=ZopeTransactionExtension()))

In the views.py file, the DBSession is used this way:

one = DBSession.query(MyModel).filter(MyModel.name == 'one').first()

So I started playing with the IDE and did something like this: typed DBSession. and the IDE just gave me some few suggestions, within which the 'query' function was not listed. Then I tried typing: DBSession.query(MyModel). and pressed Ctrl+Space to try to get suggestions and a 'No suggestions' message showed up.

I would really like to have the SQLAlchemy suggestions of functions that I could use on my DBSession variable (like filter, filter_by, first, etc). I would say that this is mandatory for me :)

Is there something I am missing? Or, PyCharm doesn't support this?

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Note that the tutorial states:

This guide was written for PyCharm 2.7.3, although many of the topics apply for PyCharm 3.

In PyCharm 3 Professional, it is much easier to install Pyramid and start using a scaffold. See one of my video tutorials Pyramid in PyCharm in 5 minutes at 1:17 specifically.

Also you might want to blow away your project and start fresh if stuff doesn't work as expected.

PyCharm 3 Professional supports SQAlchemy as follows.

  • Code insight (2.6+)
  • Possibility to view database structure in a diagram. Refer to the section Working with Diagrams.
  • Code completion and resolve. (3.0+)

See more information on how to use code completion.

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Thanks Steve. Your video was very helpful! Unfortunately I started fresh and created a new Pyramid project using 'alchemy' scaffold and I still wasn't able to get any code completion for the DBSession sqlalchemy object (also took a look again at the 'code completion' information). Still fighting with this and trying to figure out how to get the sqlalchemy autocomplete before the 30 day trial ends. Any other suggestion is greatly appreciated. –  Roland Pish Feb 15 at 6:38
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