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I am planning to use Jython with Django. I want to know how stable the Jython project is, how easy to use it is, and how large its developer community is.

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This question is very broad and asks for subjective generalizations, it very hard to answer in a useful manner. In general see and for jython/django information. – Alex Stoddard Feb 1 '10 at 19:28
Also see this link: to help you frame questions more effectively. – Vinay Sajip Feb 1 '10 at 20:58
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Django is proven to work with Jython:

  • Special focus in Jython 2.5 was to make it compatible with modern web frameworks like Django
  • There is also a special project, django-jython, that focuses on making database backends and extensions available for Jython development.
  • There is explicit documentation on how to run Django on Jython

In theory, Jython is 100% compatible with CPython. In practice, some extensions or libraries may have badly written code that make them dependent on a specific Python implementation such as CPython. The django-jython project explicitly provides a tested solution to overcome this problem. Of course you can still run across some libraries that explicitly require CPython (hence mostly safe).

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I have not used Django with Jython, so I can't speak to that specific issue, but I've used Jython for other things and I've found it quite stable of late, and just as easy as plain Python. I believe the "core committers" in Jython are substantially fewer than in C-Python (maybe 1/3 the number or less), if that's what you mean by "developer community", but I'm not quite sure what's the point in asking about this -- are you considering joining either developer community (Jython or Core Python) and wondering where you could have the best impact?

If that's the case, I think the key issue isn't really how many others are already helping out, but, "what do you bring to the party" -- if you're a JVM wizard, or an expert at any important Java framework, you could be a real boon to the Jython community while that same skill would help much less in the C-Python community; vice versa, if you're a wizard, say, with autoconfigure and C-coded system calls, that would be precious for the C-Python community, but not as useful for the Jython community.

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I use Jython in testing and rapid-development. From my point of view it is stable.

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