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I'm working on a project where I need DSP processor to perform FFT-IFFT FIR FILTER operations..

I've shortlisted some DSPs according to my requirement but Im bit confused about some points.

which DSPs support fastest FFT calculations.

TI-OMAP-L138 (456MHz) TMS320C6748 (456MHz) ADSP-21469 (450MHz)

L138 has two core inbuilt whats the advantage of it over two others? Does Analog Devices give good Library support for MATLAB embedded Coder?

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I used TI DSP's in my past, haven’t used analog device DSP’s ADSP-21469 is a high perforce DSP which has a FFT coprocessor. FFT/iFFT along I would assume this to be faster.

What I would do is find out more about 1- Your average size of the FFT, 2- What is your power budget, 3- Price budget. 4- What other processing is needed in the system 5 - Support/ tools

TMS320C6748 is based on TMS320C6000 or C674x DSP core. The cool feature of this is having a floating point code which is very usefull in some applications. This is a VLIW, it can do FFT’s effectively. Its done via DSPF_sp_fftSPxSP For example N = 256, cycles = 2923, and N = 64, cycles = 598. It scales somewhat linearly.

On the other hand OMAP-L138 is a DSP + ARM 9, From DSP functionality view this should be comparable to a TMS320C6748 with added cost and complexity of ARM9. If your application would have the DSP as a coprocessor, this will be very efficient since all heavy processing will at the DSP and other UI interface will be at the ARM9.

Even thought all processors are comparable in clock speed, the MIPS differ depending on the algorithm. You need to understand more about the tools and development process. TI has very good customer support but code composer studio is not that good.

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