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I have a data frame called that looks like this. It is called p1plot1:

0   139245
1   125395
2   116835
3    85170
4    58075
5    40050

I want to create a bar plot with the integers on the x axis and the values on the y axis. I tried using:


And got the output:

<matplotlib.axes.AxesSubplot object at 0x1fec7ca10>

How do I get an actual image file with the plot? Was I supposed to import something?

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In the non-interactive mode, you need to use show to display the image

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# plt.plot something


If you want to display the figure as you plot it, turn it into interactive mode

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


# plt.plot something
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Finish up with


to display.

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Launch Ipython notebook with


Then all of your plots will be shown inline

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