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i am not able to show permissions dialog on facebook iframe application.

can any one help me?

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Well, if you show us what you tried maybe somebody will be able to help you. Add more detail to the question by editing – matthias krull Nov 17 '12 at 15:33

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Paste Your Code That You Are Using here: in general the code would be:

FB_RequireFeatures(["Connect"], function() { FB.init('be13f687478ca790529ba5900f7f1152', 'xd_receiver.htm'); FB.ensureInit(function() { function callback (){ window.location = ""; }; FB.Connect.showPermissionDialog("publish_stream", callback); }); });

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Debjit's method uses the old Javascript SDK. I recommend using the latest SDK. You can learn more here:

PS. Let me also add that your question is as vague as it can get. It helps to provide more detail. You'll have a better chance of getting a useful response.

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Use the Facebook API's available on and use the following code to show the permission page, just add this code in the ASP Page_PreInit Method

            base.RequiredPermissions = new List(); 

            base.RequireLogin = true;

Kind of a duplicate:

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