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So first off, I am aware of creating a hidden menu to display articles on their own page. The reason that solution isn't suitable here is because I am adding tags and articles so frequently, I don't want to have to associate a new menu item for every article. I'll end up having thousands of menu items in that case.

The problem: When a user clicks on a tag in the popular tags module. A list of articles associated with that tag shows up. Then once the user clicks on any one of those articles, it opens up under neath all the previous page's content. I want it to open up on a new page.

I found that with the search field I'm able to have the search results display on a sepcific article. In that instance, it works a treat because I just have it display on an empty article and it's fine. The option isn't on the popular tags module. I've looked for other tag modules online but no luck there.

Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! Moe

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What do you mean by "under other content? It opens with a normal article view as far as I can tell .. do you mean some modules or something like that? –  Elin Feb 15 at 18:43
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about how to use the Joomla CMS and not a programming related question. –  cppl Feb 17 at 1:33
Sorry, I thought tagging it with Joomla would be apprpriate. Is there another step I missed? To answer elins question, it doesn't dispaly on it's own, it pretty much loads the home page and just slots in the articles content beneath that. It ends up looking as though the user has clicked home because you have to scroll down past all the homepage content to see the article. does that make sense? –  Moe-Joe Feb 17 at 4:34

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