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How is it possible to detect in NSCollectionView when the last item is visible on scrolling ?

I was looking for a similar solution as this but NSCollectionView doesnt have a similar layout methods.

Any hints ?

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Can't you use the scroll view to do that? –  Volker Feb 15 at 10:25
@Volker How can I do that ? –  user88975 Feb 15 at 10:54
stackoverflow.com/questions/5169355/… gives pointers. –  Volker Feb 15 at 10:57
@Volker I am already using that for NSTableView but NSScrollView has only one notification boundsDidChange which alone is not enough to check if it has reached the end. Atleast I am not able to figure it out ... –  user88975 Feb 15 at 11:32
But you can check the bounds and determine whee the document view got scrolled to?! –  Volker Feb 15 at 19:36

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It is possible to get noted when the scroll view has scrolled by registering for boundsDidChange notification of the document view as described here Callbacks When an NSScrollView is Scrolled? .

That way one can check which part of the content of the collection view is displayed.

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