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for my app I am using Facebook connect to share something from my app to Facebook now for Facebook connect . i use UIACtion Sheet . i want change the title of Log in and log out buttons . it means if user log in the facebook my button title change into @"Log Out" and when user is logout title change to @"Log in "

- (void)session:(FBSession*)session didLogin:(FBUID)uid {

    //change title to Log Out


- (void)sessionDidLogout:(FBSession*)session {

    //change title to Log In 
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You have to declare your UIActionSheet in your init or viewDidLoad function then default the value to Login

in your session didLogin function change the

buttonTitleAtIndex to Log Out

Similarly do the same for sessioniDidLogout


Returns the title of the button at the given index.

  • (NSString *)buttonTitleAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex Parameters


The index of the button. The button indices start at 0.

Return Value

The title of the button specified by index buttonIndex.

Don't forget to release your UIActionSheet in your dealloc function since you'll be doing [alloc] in the init or viewDidLoad function.

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