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I know the function cumsum in R which compute a cumulative sum of its vector argument.

I need to "cumulatively apply" not the sum function but a generic function, in my specific case, the quantile function.

My current solution is based on a loop:

for ( r in seq(1,nrow(df))){


enter image description here

It works but it is not efficient and I feel there should be a more idiomatic way of doing it in R.

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I don't think that the sapply version below gives much of a performance boost over an improved for loop (yours can use some improvement). How large are your actual data? –  Ananda Mahto Feb 15 '14 at 16:47
@AnandaMahto About 500000 rows. –  Alessandro Jacopson Feb 15 '14 at 17:28

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You can use this approach:

df <- data.frame(measurement = rnorm(1000))

res <- sapply(seq(nrow(df)), function(x) 
  quantile(df[seq(x), "measurement"], c(.01, .99)))

It creates a matrix with nrow(df) columns and 2 rows, one row for the 1st percentile and one row for the 99th percentile.

You can add this information to you data frame df (as two olumns):

df <- setNames(cbind(df, t(res)), c(names(df), "lower", "upper"))
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