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In asp.net web forms we have user controls as reusable components for pages. These user controls can be passed values externally through public properties e.g. on a web form we can drop this user control to display a text which came from db (like content managed system) by setting key as public property to this user control and it will pull the value. ( this key, value can be stored in application cache as list or dictionary to avoid DB round trips).

I want to implement same idea in asp.net mvc, but new to it. Any expert suggestion to implement same idea will be very helpful? Thanks

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The concept of a user control is a PartialView; there are two ways to use a partial view. The first is to define a partial in the view itself:

@Html.Partial("NameOfViewInControllerFolder", ModelForPartialview)

The second way is have an action method that returns a partial view:

public ActionResult X()
   return PartialView("NameOfView");

And from your view use:

@Html.Action("X", "ControllerName")

And that will call the action method, and insert the results. To ensure that action is only called within the a view, you can use the [ChildActionOnly] attribute.

If an action method, you can use JQuery to request it via AJAX, and load the results into a view:

    type: "GET|POST", 
    url: "@Url.Action("X", "ControllerName")", 
    success: function(d) { /* d is HTML */ });
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Thanks Brian. Web form constructs the full page through single http request even there are many user controls on it. But above solution looks to be making a separate ajax call. In my case there might be 100's of these small partial views fed by simple string. Looking for an optimised solution really. –  Nexus23 Feb 15 at 12:02
I gave you two options, and noted that there is an AJAX benefit (not a requirement). Please reread above carefully. –  Brian Mains Feb 15 at 12:14
Thanks Brian. will research on this option. –  Nexus23 Feb 15 at 13:15

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