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We want to setup and configure a web server for our project center in our university and we want to supply a web server for student web applications based on Php, Python and also Asp.Net.

Is there anyway to supply a server for all these 3 different platforms ?

Thanks in advance,

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IIS (ie. a Windows server) can run all 3.

ASP.NET can't be run on anything but Windows, to my knowledge, so that's your limiting factor.

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We are thinking to use Mono for our asp.net projects. Isn't it a solution for that ? –  Kubi Feb 1 '10 at 20:15
@Kubi - I actually wasn't aware that it was an option. Still, despite the massive respect for the mono project and its developers I have, they've started out many years behind and are working to catch up. The fact remains, they are behind. They have a brief summary of current support at mono-project.com/FAQ:_ASP.NET. I'd suggest you aren't doing your students any favors by keeping them off the bleeding edge. –  antik Feb 1 '10 at 21:49

if you really need asp, then i think you're limited to IIS on Windows

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Yes, you can, I would look at setting up a Windows Server, then look at a control panel such as "Plesk" to help you with management/configuration.

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You could actually use Apache and mod_mono to serve up ASP.NET applications with Mono, although I've never used this approach myself.

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