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I am new to this language and i am building brainfuck interpreter in scala i am facing one problem what should i print if the value at memory index is greater than 127 ? what a real brainfuck interpreter print if value is greater than 127? for eg
memory[index]=178 when "." (print command) is called what should a brainfuck iterpreter print ?
my compiled some codes on ideone.com but it showing runtime error .
for follwing code:


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There is no thorough language specification, but in most interpreters incrementing a cell which holds its maximal value (with the + command) will bring it to its minimal value and vice verse.

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The original implementation for . just calls putchar() with whatever unsigned char value is in the cell:

case '.': putchar(a[p]); fflush(stdout); break;

This means how characters 128-255 show up depends on what encoding your terminal uses. If I set mine to CP437, characters 32-255 look like this:

example output

In your case, Scala's toChar method on numbers sounds like it should do what you want; also, maybe ideone is just weird about printing extended ASCII.

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yes @nooodl ideone showing runtime error , may be not support these characters. anyway thanks :) –  user2124441 Feb 15 at 15:28

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