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In Dart, how can I convert a DateTime to its ISO 8601 representation?

Just doing this

var dt = new DateTime.now();
print (dt.toString());


2014-02-15 08:57:47.812

which isn't quite ISO 8601, that would be


so only the "T" is missing - I can easily write my own function for this, just wondering if that already exists somewhere in the core libraries?

The other direction, ISO 8601 to DateTime, is already supported by DateTime.parse.

EDIT looks like the Dart team is adding this now, see here.

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DateTime now has a toIso8601String() method.

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Perfect, thanks! –  Max Oct 3 '14 at 14:31

The core library doesn't support a toIso8601() on DateTime, yet. It's relatively easy to do yourself, but I agree that Iso8601 and Rfc-2311 should probably be supported as special toStrings.

Similarly the parse function should accept Rfc-2311, too.

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