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There are a simple model Customer which has a relation with Order as 1:n.

class Customer 
  include Mongoid::Document

  field :name, type: String
  has_many :orders


This piece of code,

customer = Customer.new name: "John"
customer.orders.build item: "ipad"  #=> doesn't work in the method create
customer.save                       #=> true

works on a rails4 console but doesn't work in the method create, where only the customer name is saved, but the order isn't and as if the build method is not there. As a result, the item "ipad" is not saved and no any orders happens.

I'm using rails(4.0.2) + mongoid(4.0.0.alpha1).

Any idea what's root cause?

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1 Answer

via http://mongoid.org/en/mongoid/docs/relations.html

class Band
  include Mongoid::Document
  has_many :albums, autosave: true

band = Band.first
band.albums.build(name: "101")
band.save #=> Will save the album as well.


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This helps a lot, but why it works on a console without the autosave option? –  canoe Feb 15 at 15:21
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