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I've studied other topics, tried various solutions, but cannot gain access to my SQL Server remotely from my PC.

I have not problems with accessing the Server its running on, I'm able to Remote Desktop fine.

Here are the steps I have taken :-

  1. Enabled Remote access to SQL Server
  2. Created a SQL Authentication User Account (which Ii can log in with whilst on the server).
  3. Enabled Shared Memory & TCP/IP Protocols for the SQL Server Instance.
  4. Created a Firewall Rule for TCP Port 1433
  5. Created a Firewall Rule for UDP Port 1434
  6. Created a Firewall Rule for SQLBrowwer.exe
  7. Created a Firewall Rule for SQLservr.exe
  8. Ensured SQL Browser & SQL Server are running processes.

SQL Management Studio cant even detect the instance of the SQL Server in listed Datavase Engines.

I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be?

** UPDATE **

Ive tried turning off my Firewall, the SQL Server in now found in SSMS, but i still cant connect to it?

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All your steps are right, I'd do the same. I'm sure everything is fine with your SQL Server.

I guess it's firewall, try to turn it off or run this from command prompt:

netsh firewall set portopening protocol = TCP port = 1433 name = SQLPort mode = ENABLE scope = SUBNET profile = CURRENT

Also, check if you have antivirus software or something similar and turn it off (on both sides).

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