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I'm using C99, gcc. I have some macros that set or clear some GPIO.

The macros rely on MCU existing definitions (structures):

extern volatile unsigned int  ANSELB __attribute__((__sfr__));
typedef struct tagANSELBBITS {
  unsigned ANSB0:1;
  unsigned ANSB1:1;
  unsigned ANSB2:1;
  unsigned ANSB3:1;
  unsigned ANSB4:1;
  unsigned :7;
  unsigned ANSB12:1;
  unsigned ANSB13:1;
  unsigned ANSB14:1;
  unsigned ANSB15:1;
extern volatile ANSELBBITS ANSELBbits __attribute__((__sfr__));

As you can see, the ANSB5 bit is not defined since it doesn't exist in the hardware so my macro will expand in failure :) Since I need in some generic code, I wonder is there (another) magic trick to check if the structure member exists.

Thanks in advance.

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Where's the macro definition, and where is it used? Does the ANSB5 bit ever exist on some platform? If not, why would you ever write code to try to access it? –  pat Feb 15 at 16:36

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