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It seems that the simplest way of calling lapack functions from cython is to use lapacke.

I would like to use the lapack functions that come with Enthought Canopy in the libmkl_* dynamic libraries.

However, I cannot find lapacke.h anywhere in Canopy. Is there any way I can use lapacke without making a separate installation of lapack?

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This looks like a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/16114100/… The answer there is very good. –  IanH Feb 15 at 19:26
Another answer is also helpful. See stackoverflow.com/questions/14864895/... –  user1003993 Feb 16 at 4:56
To help with linking to the mkl .so (or .dylib) files, use the mkl link line advisor. I will try to put together a working answer and post it soon. –  user1003993 Feb 18 at 4:47
By the way, if you are looking at using your own installation of BLAS and LAPACK, I would recommend looking at github.com/tokyo/tokyo I haven't used it myself, but it looks promising. –  IanH Feb 20 at 4:30

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