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I'm using WebControl from Windows Forms in C# and I'm trying to load a Web Ajax content (i suposed that the content is ajax) this is the code of the page retrieve from the explorer:

<ul id="building">
   <li id="button1" class="on">
    <div class="supply1">
     <div class="buildingimg">
      <a class="fastBuild tips" title="|Expandir Mina de metal al nivel 11" href="index.php?page=resources&session=ccec6b62991a&modus=1&type=1&menge=1&token=ae485059d2eb1d87bc6f181744a4b4ab">
       <img src="img/layout/sofort_bauen.gif" width="22" height="14" />
      </a><a class="detail_button tips slideIn" title="|Mina de metal" ref="1" id="details"
       href="#"><span class="ecke"><span class="level"><span class="textlabel">Mina de metal
       </span>10 </span></span></a>

When press the image a new panel load without reload entire page.

How i can simulate the click on image to load the panel?

In other control in this page i use myWebBrowser.Document.RaiseEvent("") Method to simulate clicks, but in this case no is any onclick event ... i don't understand how launch the loading of the panel ..

In the bottom of the page are some javascript methods (i not put all scripts because are big)

PD: Sorry my English, i'm studying it. thanks.

I'm re-reading the code and i view this code:

function loadDetails(type)
        { type: type},
            $("input[type='text']:first", document.forms["form"]).focus();


Can it relationship with my question?

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BTW, the C# programming language does not have a webbrowser control. The .NET Framework does. – John Saunders Feb 1 '10 at 21:12

Mythox, I tried to do the same on the same page, actually at the moment the dialog box opens perfectly and on 4 cases over 10 I'm also able to start the construction required in the new dialog opening. The problem is that my method is not fail safe 100% but for sure it is one way to arrive at the solution. I post the code here.

     HtmlDocument doc = Program.BrowsingSystem.Document;
            HtmlElement ele = doc.GetElementById("button3");
            if (!ConstructionButtonIsAllowedToBePressed(ele))
                return new ActionResponse(false);
            if (ele.GetAttribute("classname").ToLower().Contains("disabled")) //the unit is disabled due to missing resources or other activities running
                return new ActionResponse(false);
            if (ele.GetAttribute("classname").ToLower().Contains("off")) //the unit is unreacheble at this planet level
                return new ActionResponse(false);

            ele = ele.FirstChild.FirstChild.FirstChild.NextSibling;

            object obj = ele.DomElement;
            System.Reflection.MethodInfo mi = obj.GetType().GetMethod("click");
            mi.Invoke(obj, new object[0]);

            semaphoreForDocCompletedEvent = WaitForDocumentCompleted(genWaitingTimeForNonEventingActions*2);

            ele = doc.GetElementById("planet");

            ele = ele.FirstChild.NextSibling.NextSibling;

            obj = ele.DomElement;
            mi = obj.GetType().GetMethod("submit");
            mi.Invoke(obj, new object[0]);

            semaphoreForDocCompletedEvent = WaitForDocumentCompleted(genWaitingTimeForNonEventingActions);
            if (!semaphoreForDocCompletedEvent)
                return new ActionResponse(false);
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