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I have an array:

$r = array(1,2,42,55);

and I want to call encrypt(); function of hashids

which takes input like this:


I tried extract($r) but it does not work.

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I suppose you should do the encrypt to the array values not the array !! –  Abhik Chakraborty Feb 15 at 19:19
Yes, that's why I want to extract the values from the array. –  Cengiz Frostclaw Feb 15 at 19:22
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2 Answers

You can call a callback on each of the elements of the array. check array_map if it helps.

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It's ugly, but there's this:

eval("encrypt(" . implode(",", $r) . ");");

Here's your obligatory reminder that eval is potentially dangerous and to be used rarely if ever!

Edit: Forgot about call_user_func_array. That's your answer! Sample code:

$r = array(1,2,42,55);
$hashids = new Hashids\Hashids('this is my salt');
$hash = call_user_func_array(array($hashids, "encrypt"), $r);
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Seems nice. Thanks ! I don't have time to try now, I will do as soon as possible. –  Cengiz Frostclaw Feb 16 at 22:31
Ok please don't forget to mark as accepted if it works for you. Interesting to note that PHP 5.6 has solved this problem for you. $hashids->encrypt(...$r); –  miken32 Feb 18 at 23:47
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