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I have set up a home web using IIS 7. It works fine from localhost but not clients. I have several times tried adding a web site but with no success. Now, rather than add a new web site I have merely changed the ‘physical path’ setting of the Default Web Site to point to my directory. I’ve tried to make the setup as simple as possible.

No luck. localhost browsing works but using the ip address,, from a client fails to work. w3wp.exe was running but now is not - is that important?

I temporarily installed NGiNX and all worked fine. So I’m pretty sure there is no networking problem. I suspect the issue is in the set up of the web site under IIS.

Specifics: SERVER: Win7-Ultimate 64-bit, SP1, IIS V7.5

I’ve scanned what logs I can and googled for an answer but found nothing that is helpful.

How can I track down the issue?

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