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I have a web page that uses jquery UI sortable with connectwith to have a list of lists (think similar to trello). One issue is that i can't seem to get a smooth horizontal auto scroll when the number of columns exceeds the window width. So when the horizontal scroll get enacted when I drag an item to the right I have to also drag a bit up or down to get the scroll bar to move to the right (instead of just doing it by dragging directly right without this extra fiddling).

Here is a jsfiddle example of my code that shows the behavior. Try to take an item from the first column and put it on the last list to the right.

enter image description here

enter image description here

NOTE: you must make the windows not too wide to make sure that all 6 "columns" aren't visible to get the behavior. Once you do this, if you see the horizontal scroll gets "choppy" after you get to the edge.

Is there anyway to get a smooth horizontal auto scrolling when using jquery ui sortable

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There is no horizontal scrollbar –  Zach Saucier Feb 16 at 0:05
@Zash Saucier - what do you mean. As i said in my question you have to make sure the width of the screen (or that section is not to wide) –  leora Feb 16 at 3:01
I mean even if my window is 100px wide, the elements are wrapping to the next line, thus no scroll bar appears –  Zach Saucier Feb 16 at 3:06
that is weird as i don't see this (i am using chrome). if you see in the css, i have this line: white-space: nowrap; which keeps its from doing a wrap –  leora Feb 16 at 3:10
Interesting, I'm in Chrome as well. Floating elements wrap as white-space: nowrap does not work for block elements but only for inline elements and text. Changing them from floats to display:inline makes them have a horizontal bar. Is that what you want? –  Zach Saucier Feb 16 at 3:52

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Like Zach Saucier mentioned in the comments, your example doesn't trigger horizontal scrolling. Replacing float: left with display: inline-block does work as you describe, though.

To solve your problem, try adding the scrollSensitivity: 100 to the list of options to the sortable call, e.g.:

$(function () {
  $("#sortable1, #sortable2, #sortable3, #sortable4, #sortable5, #sortable6").sortable({
    connectWith: ".connectedSortable",
    scrollSensitivity: 100

Adjust value as needed. This is referred to in the API.

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I wound up making scrollSensitivity:250 and that seems to work for me –  leora Feb 20 at 5:35

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