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I have a potential client who wants a HTML website migrated to WordPress, the current website is 100 pages; 50 English and 50 French of the same content. There are several reasons for moving to WordPress, and having an English and French version of the same site instead of just a translator plugin. So enough back story, my real questions is...

How do I deal with running 2 Wordpress websites (one English the other French) when a visitor wants to change a specific page from English to French for example? and avoid going back to the home page when requesting to change language?

If a visitor is viewing a specific page in English but wants to view it in French, I do not want the Language selection button to take them to the home page really. How can I do this in WordPress; with 2 separate installs so when you click the language button the page just changes to the requested language?

I hope someone can help me, Thank you.


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No need to make 2 separate websites . Just use qTranslate.

It is hands down the best solution for multilingual wordpress installation, and I myself have used it with over 100 multilingual sites

The management and maintenance would be much easier , you will have a control over all aspects of the multilingual behavior and you could SHARE resources ( like scripts, images , themes etc ) .

With this plugin you can choose if you want to have a URL like :

  • and
  • and
  • and

All your users will see is a small flags based or menu based language switcher .

The Admin screens easily share languages , switching, and content handling . Even switching the admin area language itself is a breeze .

You even have control over local SEO.

Every aspect from title to media to custom fields is also supported . Basically you have duplicate fields for title content etc . The best way to understand is just install one time and start to use .

you will get the idea in a second .

It has a very extensive hooks base and custom functions that allow you to easily do virtually everything !

Example of a working ( old ) wp install with qTranslate supporting 5 languages can be found here


I am in no way affiliated with the author of this totally free plugin - But I do admire the work he has made and the techniques used in his code . If you end up using it - a small token of appreciation for the author would surely be appreciated by him .

Edit I after comment.

Grammar or the correctness of the translation is irrelevant .

qtranslate is not an automated translation service / plugin

It does not really translate your site , but gives you the tools to do so in terms of UI, accessibility, functions and hooks.

The actual content is translated by YOU. No automatic content generation ( unless you specifically want one )

It actually does create 2 different websites ( in a sense ) but using the same install, core files, resources etc ..

Until you will not try and use it , you will not fully understand how it works.

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The main reason I need 2 separate websites is for the English and French SEO, plus all of the content is already translated correctly. with correct grammar. – LukeD1uk Feb 16 '14 at 17:37
@LukeD1uk Grammer has nothing to do with it . This is not automatic translation service . If you will try that plugin, you will understand you do NOT need two separate websites to have the exact same result . Take it from one who has a LOT of experience in multilingual websites . and check the posted example as well to see for yourself . I made websites with up to 15 languages with that plugin. – Obmerk Kronen Feb 17 '14 at 3:06
This has been discussed here:… and here:… Personally I'm not a big fan of qTranslate, because it copies all translations into one blog post. If you wanna switch to a different plugin later, it will be difficult. – Remy Feb 17 '14 at 8:10
@Remy - I do not see any problem in changing plugin ( and also - why would anyone do that ?? ) . Having 6 different sites for 6 languages is just wrong . there is absolutely no logic excuse of doing that . But to each its own . I got nothing against those who want to learn the hard way .. – And BTW - At the topics you have included also qTranslate gets the highest voting. I guess simply because it is the best one . By far. – Obmerk Kronen Feb 17 '14 at 10:10
@ObmerkKronen Ok, but why would I use this over WPML? I am reading that's very good also. – LukeD1uk Feb 17 '14 at 19:30

Wordpress Multisite Language Switcher is the way to go.

  • Every language version gets its own Wordpress blog
  • You get a "Network Root" where admin tasks spanning all two blogs are done
  • Posts/pages can be associated between the two language sites

This is like hosted blogs.

I use this plugin on a blog successfuly. I worried about routing some time: which URL should be canonical? or This became an issue when my client wanted to install a separate .de domain instead of using the virtual sub folder /de/

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So you have 2 seperate wordpress websites? and this plugin creates a link between the matching posts and pages that match? – LukeD1uk Feb 15 '14 at 21:56
what is the point of seperating the content like that ? and of a much more complicated network installation ? It is really not a good set up for maintenance and administration .. – krembo99 Feb 16 '14 at 7:47
The point is I need English and French SEO, plus the content is already translated and in this format already. – LukeD1uk Feb 16 '14 at 22:14
LukeD1uk, you're right, that's essentially how it works. @krembo99 has a point, though: it's an effort to create the links. It's less of a pain if the pages don't change a lot -- but if you, for example, run 2 blogs in parallel, this is going to get on your nerves. I'd prefer extending a post object to contain 2 language contents. – ctietze Feb 18 '14 at 12:53

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