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i m newbie to drupal presently i m using drupal 6 version

i have to generate the word document files for the selected nodes say (/node/166,node/21)

we dont have any module to generate word documents or to generate pdf files with group of nodes we can generate pdf file for one object

to generate word document file in php will be

This is the text for the word file created through php programming
test to create a doc file from php"; ob_start(); include('index.php?q=1,2'); $result = ob_get_clean(); fwrite($fp, $result); echo "executed"; fclose($fp); ?>

in the above example it generates the word documents,

so i thought including 'www.example.com/print/166' in the include function will do the things and i can call to the same function with selected nodes....

later realised that this wont help us because drupal structure is completely different it uses only index.php and hooks to serve the requests and mostly include function needs php fields as inputs

now i am no where to solve my problem can any one help me to generate pdf files with bunch of nodes.

please guys thanks in advance...

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You must create module with menu. Read here: http://drupal.org/developing/modules
Also i am recommend to read book: Pro Drupal Development from Vandyk

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do u have any link for this books.... –  rakeshakurathi Feb 3 '10 at 12:56
drupalbook.com . I cannot say link to pdf version ;) –  Nikit Feb 3 '10 at 13:21

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