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I was trying to create a latency alias DNS in Route53 for ELB, and got MalformedInput error:

boto.route53.exception.DNSServerError: DNSServerError: 400 Bad Request
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ErrorResponse xmlns="https://route53.amazonaws.com/doc/2013-04-01/"><Error><Type>Sender</Type><Code>MalformedInput</Code><Message>Unexpected list element termination</Message></Error><RequestId>7cdde0cb-92e1-1fe3-a73a-7d288f17782c</RequestId></ErrorResponse>

My code looks like the following,

load_balancer = create_load_balancer()  # use boto to create ELB
conn = boto.connect_route53()
zone_id = conn.get_zone(zone).id
record_sets = ResourceRecordSets(conn, zone_id)
change = record_sets.add_change(action='CREATE',

Interestingly, when I run the code again after leaving the ELB on AWS for a while, the DNS record was successfully created.

{u'ChangeResourceRecordSetsResponse': {u'ChangeInfo': {u'Status': u'PENDING', u'Comment': u'None', u'SubmittedAt': u'2014-02-15T02:03:04.544Z', u'Id': u'/change/C3DRLG363R9G6C'}}}

So should I wait for some time in the code after creating the ELB? If yes, is there an attribute of ELB I can check so that I know I can proceed with DNS creation?

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