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In VS 2013 & 2012 (and not VS 2010) I'm getting this issue. Been searching for an answer for 3 days, have uninstalled/reinstalled all three editions plus .Net framework 4/4.5.1, and tried various combinations of Enable Just My Code, Enable .NET Framework Source Stepping, and Enable Source Server Support. I've also cleared and reloaded the Symbol Cache from Microsoft Symbol Server several times.

See this screenshot: Get to this by running the app, then going to Debug | Windows | Modules. This shows which .dlls are references, and which have loaded the .pdb file and which haven't yet. For me, it also shows which .pdb files cannot be found. I can see the short-lived progress bar where VB is trying to load one of these .pdb files, but no green color ever displays. So, is something wrong with the process of creating/downloading/loading these .pdb files? Seems like a possible bug.

Unless I can solve this, I need to use VB 2010 until VB.Next is released.

I think I've seen every stackoverflow comment related to this issue so far, but I sure could use some help!

PS - I have a very good screenshot (worth 1000 words) but I can't post w/o 10 reputation points.

Thanks! Dan

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The only thing that worked was to completely remove VS 2013. Perhaps VS 2010 and VS 2013 were not meant to coexist? At some point I may set up a VM and try VS 2013 again. –  DanW52 Feb 23 at 15:11

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